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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Buonasera from Roma!


Buonasera from Roma!

Here we find ourselves in the Eternal City after a truly exhausting, tiring and challenging adventure in Koeln. The final mass at Marienfield was a memorable experience; following the animalistic territorial wars of Saturday in order to preserve our sacred space near the ‘front’ of the  altar, with the sub zeroed temperatures braved the night before in the ‘great’ sleep out and the  wonderful prospect of waking up to the well-frequented and by no means hygienic or pleasant porta-loos (which was the fear of all involved….) the mass was a nice way to begin the day. Just another Sunday mass with the Pope….and another million people!

The mass ended on a high for the Aussies, when it was announced that they would be hosting the next World Youth Day in 2008 in Sydney. And in a move that was totally unorchestrated, the whole of the Australian contingency ripped off their shitst to reveal….. nothing BUT their very ultra hip and funky new shirts bidding all welcome to WYD 2008.
Needless to say, the experience of leaving that venue with over a million other hyped and excited people at the same time, is another story, to be told at another time….

But lo and behold, we managed to arrive in Brussels at one in the morning, and after 3 hours sleep or shower, or both, we arrived at the airport, re-arranged our luggage in new and unforeseen ways, and with a sigh of relief, from those who were awake, landed in the Eternal City on Monday morning.

Our time in Rome has been equally hectic, but exciting and fulfilling. We have celebrated mass at St Peter’s Basilica, visited the Vatican museum, the famous Sistine Chapel and somehow squeezed in a trip to the Colosseum, Vatican City, the Roman Forum, Circus Maximus, St Sebastian Catacombs,  numerous churches, Trevi Fountain, more fountains and piazzas.. so much so that we have them coming out of our ears. And for some more adventurous ones, fitting in some shopping as well. The weather has been beautiful, and we are all enjoying the sites and, of course, our last few days together before we say our farewells…

Tomorrow, our final day (dramatic pause of nostalgia) we head off to Assisi, where we will explore the life and place where St Francis and St Clare originate. We shall see you all very soon-
Hold on till then.
Love to all.


Carmen, Fran and Mark

Ps. Travel advise never fly Ryanair…  Poor service and nasty policies.


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