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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Day 3 - Friday

A delicious breakfast of hash browns greeted the participants following an early morning mass. After breakfast, the Morning Prayer session was presented allowing the participants to see how Christ is represented in the world today.

An exciting talk was presented today by Kyle Hoad, who talked about our various perceptions of God and how they can be limited in their understanding. He further explored how we can see God in the people around us including ourselves. Kyle emphasised how the divine nature that we share with God is our destiny.

Following a delightful morning tea, we went into our discussion groups to share our thoughts on Kyle’s talk. This discussion group gave the participants the chance to explore how God is among us and God’s love is a gift and how we too have gifts to share.

A lunch of fresh salad rolls was eaten outdoors allowing participants to move around freely and socialise with one another. Following lunch, the groups went to their second workshop again allowing them to explore God in Art & Literature, Music or Creation.

Community time found people making new friends through strategic card games, competitive volleyball matches and challenging ropes courses, among other things.

Our afternoon activity today consisted of participants decorating a small box with images and words taken from magazines in order to describe talents and gifts given to us by God.

A fish & chip dinner was enjoyed by all and then led into evening prayer where participants were shown how they are the reflection of Christ’s image. This was topped off by a wondrous rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror.’ This then brought us to our Community Night where the participants, divided into discussion groups, battled against each other in rounds of trivia and Catholic Renovation Rescue. Participants had to build parts of a Church, including a tabernacle, a baptismal font and a stained-glass window, using limited materials. It was a very challenging and extremely exciting night with fun had by all! We ended with Jesus Lover of My Soul with seven key changes! Great day and everyone is excited for the finale!

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