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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Day 2 - Thursday

Today began with a cold and foggy morning, but nonetheless many were up early for morning mass while the rest joined us for breakfast of hot pancakes. Everyone was very enthusiastic to start the day and we opened with a Morning Prayer and music which led into the morning talk presented by Lauren Freeth focusing on Christ as the Image of God.

Following a chance for something to eat at morning tea we had discussion groups where the participants were able to discuss their images of Christ and share more about how we are made in the image and likeness of God and therefore Jesus Christ.

The weather brightened by lunchtime, allowing us to enjoy a lunch of hamburgers outdoors. Each group was then able to enjoy one of three workshops that will be presented over the Encounter. Each day the groups will rotate so they will have a chance to experience all of them. These workshops are interactive presentations where participants see how the image of God is represented in Art & Literature; Music; and Environment.

Following this, participants had a good chunk of community time which enabled some to organise events coming up in the Encounter and others just to relax, have fun and get to know each other. There were card games happening, as well as trampolining and a very competitive volleyball game.

When the discussion groups reconvened they had the chance to be creative, and moulded clay into a symbol of how they see Jesus as the Image of God. Everyone got very involved in this activity with many very creative pieces being presented.

Following a fine dinner of schnitty and veg we gathered for our evening of Reconciliation. With two groups presenting a short reflection it enabled participants to reflect and focus on aspects of their lives with which they must reconcile. We were blessed to have 11 Oblate priests come and participate in the rite of Reconciliation with us. The evening was spiritually reflective, sombre and reverent.

We finished the evening off with a light supper and some fun games before bedtime. It was a full-on day with lots of memories created; and there are plenty more to come!

Thank you for those sending through emails, they are really appreciated. We are looking forward to more!

“This is my first encounter and I really enjoyed the music workshop.” – Tishan.

“This is my first encounter as well and I really enjoyed the video on the breath of God and Lauren’s talk. I have made a few new friends and learnt a lot more about my faith.” – DJ

“It’s my third time on NOYE, but my first time as a leader and so far it’s so good!” - Rasika

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