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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Day 2


Monday 10th January

Today was a reflective day base around the values of charism and mission, and we were asked to ponder the question ‘is mission possible?’

Brother Jason started the day with his take on what the Oblate Charism is, and ways in which we as ordinary men and women can lead a missionary life every day. Talking about St Eugine de Mazenod from the formation of his early life, to his calling at the foot of the cross and the first years of his vocation, Br Jason emphasised the importance of the cross, and how Oblate Charism can be lived piece by piece through not only yourself, but also through sharing the load with others. This was followed by group discussions and reflection on ways in which we as not only Christian, but Oblate youth, can carry on the mission and charism that St Eugene started.

Following lunch we were then split up into workshop groups, and had the opportunity to hear firsthand the personal experiences of Fr Fini, Fr Harry and Fr John, and how their mission has followed on from St Eugene’s, and some of the simple things we can do to mirror the Oblate Charism and take them back to each of our communities.

The main focus of today came after dinner when we all gathered in the hall to celebrate reconciliation. Carrying on the theme of reflection, it was wonderful to have seven Oblates take time out of their busy schedules to come and share reconciliation with us.

It is great to see everyone getting in and sharing their experiences with the camp, and opening up to NOYE 2011.

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