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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Day 3


Day 3 – Tuesday

We wake up to our gathering song, Tic Tok and are glad to see rain pouring from the skies. It bought with it cooler weather. We started our day with animation where Melissa English and Lauren Freeth showed us with a little help we can encourage people to join our youth group. We then moved into Morning Prayer organised by the green group. We were taught that with courage, vision and trust, we unlike Peter wouldn’t fall into the water.

We moved into our 3rd workshop rotation and had a lunch of baked potatoes. It was followed by community time where cricket and cards were played and bonds were formed and existing ones were strengthened.

This was followed by another animation where we saw members show us the power that anger and bitterness can have over us and how hard it is for us to make our way back to peace.

We had our fourth rotation followed by more community time where volleyball and more cards were played.

We enjoyed a nice roast and then had reconciliation. We had 11 oblates with us to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation. This is a time of great thought and reflection and enjoyed by all. Thank you to the blue team for organising a relaxing and meditating atmosphere.

Thanks for the emails. Hope to hear from more of you tomorrow. Goodbye and hope you read again tomorrow.

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