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Friday, June 22, 2018

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NOYE '02

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NOYE '02


Youth Coming Together Camp

1st – 5th December, 2002, Gerroa, NSW.

Camp Gerroa, a camp without fear, a camp without beer; of early mornings and late nights and supposedly no pillow fights. Camp Gerroa, a point to which youth flooded, from five parishes across the nation, Vic, NSW and SA.

We were given the opportunity to form close friendships with new people and re-acquaint with those whom we'd met in the past. We grew in a deeper understanding of God's love for us through sharing and discussion. By spending time in community, through chatting casually, trips to the beach, shops and group activities, we felt a sense of belonging that we ourselves had created.

On our journey together as a Christian community we recognised the importance of letting our light shine and, as the salt of the earth, to flavour the world while strengthening our faith. We do this through our ability to express ourselves in appreciating differing views and by displaying our commitment as the youth of the church.

We, the Oblate youth of Australia, being sensitive to the needs of others, confidently commit ourselves to enrich our local communities by sharing the light of Christ within us—our faith. We do this through our gift of self and our talents, thereby enabling our communities and ourselves to further discover God's call in our lives.

Now safe at home, greeted with open arms, our pledge remains firm that we will not lose our flavour nor let the darkness consume our light.

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