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Friday, June 22, 2018

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NOYE '01



From the 10 – 14th Dec a group of young people from Victoria and New South Wales have come together at a simple campsite in Gerroa NSW, by the sea. Each of us comes with our own stories and experiences, which are many and varied. What we all share in common is Christ. Therefore, we have chosen to make this public statement of this experience, our faith and our future as Church.

Our experience at camp was one in which we were able to open our hearts to others and to identify with the new friends we made. We swam lots and lots, and many people got the Australia kiss (sunburnt). We shared stories, laughter, tears, games, music and duties. By working together, we were able to create a meditative atmosphere in which we could experience God; enveloped in the beauties of God’s creation.

Our experience at Gerroa will strengthen our faith in the Lord. We have learnt that in moments of doubt we can accept and appreciate the values of the Gospels. We have gained an understanding that as Youth, our role of leadership and involvement in the church, is a responsibility of both the present and the future!

We will be committed to a search for our true selves, striving to be models of Christ by the way we act towards others. We will be committed to trusting in God and will grasp any opportunities to further our relationship and closeness to Him. We will strive to work together in building a better community, in the hope that we can bring the Word of God to people who need it most.

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