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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Sorry To Interrupt! - Rasika Flux

“Sorry to interrupt, but God is on the line. Have you got a minute?”

 July. That’s what the email said, Jul - Rasika.

You really couldn’t get any more obvious or concise than that. So I filed away that vital piece of information and I’ll admit I got a little tingle. July would be the month that I would come up with something soul searching and meaningful to share with you, something so in depth, thought provoking and vivid that you would leave reading this article with fire in your belly and passion in your heart – then life got in the way. Now don’t get me wrong, I marked this momentous occasion on my calendar with my trusty 2HB lead pencil - it came only a few short days after “WOOO School Holidays” and directly one day before “Dentist apt – sad face ”, but it was there and I had been eyeing it off with an ever increasing mixture of excitement and trepidation. And now here I am, July 1, wondering how it came to be that I’m sitting here with nothing BUT as I type the realisation hits me (cue John Lennon’s, Beautiful Boy, “…blah blah blah life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, blah blah blah…”) life got in the way. And not even in an important way – I’ve just succumbed to the mundane cycle that is my daily life; wakeup, eat, work, go home, do more work, eat, go to bed – repeat. I’ve been so caught up with work and thinking that I lead a busy stressful life that I’ve convinced myself that it’s ok to slack off in other areas, “No no, you guys go to Church, Jesus and I had a chat, he said it was ok if I stay home and work on my year 11 history class.” These are the types of conversations I have with the parentals, not all the time but more times than I care to admit.

 …and now it’s really hit me! I’m not writing this article for you, you’re reading this article for me! This is the reality check we’re always talking about (and I clearly need), “Have you allowed enough room for God in your life?” Ummmm…no, no I have not. What I have done is allowed excuses, laziness and disillusionment to rule particular parts of my life. We’ve all been there before; making small justifications for why we can’t attend church or we’ve had those moments when we have made it to church only to allow our eyes to glaze over and do some mental shopping during the homily (if you’re sitting there vehemently shaking your head and muttering that you’ve never done this – you’re clearly more guilty than the rest of us!) So here’s my thing – and it’s not even that grand of a thing, it’s just a very obvious basic thing; STOP. That’s it – STOP.

I’m not going to tell you to stop making excuses and blah, blah, blah; that’s between your conscience and you. I will however ask that you take the time to revaluate your priorities, I know I am. I think there are times when we take advantage of God’s forgiveness and love – taking a hiatus off church because you know God loves you and forgives you may not be the kind of thing he had in mind. Perhaps the beauty of going to church is that you are physically making the time for yourself and God – a kind of spiritual meditation, you get sit there and absorb his messages, take the time to really concentrate on them through the guidance of our priests, you get an entire hour with him – where you don’t have to answer to anyone else; no phone distractions, no work demands – nothing. Sure it all comes screaming back afterwards but have you ever noticed how much calmer you felt when you went to deal with it? That’s the beauty of taking time out with God, there’s a lovely peace and serenity and a kind of inside-out selfishness where it’s all about just the two of you. So try it sometime, take a moment to check that you’ve left a little room for God in your life.

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